1. To encourage their ward’s punctuality and attendance at School.
  2. To show an interest in their children’s School work, progress and home-study program by checking the diary and encouraging them to complete assignments.
  3. To provide a suitable learning environment at home.
  4. To read all School circulars.
  5. To encourage an awareness in their children of the importance of having a reasonable balance between School work, family responsibilities and other activities.
  6. To ensure that the children do not skip meals, and that they are in good health


  1. To attend School regularly and punctually.
  2. To respect the rights of others to learn.
  3. To respect their peers and teachers regardless of race, religion or gender.
  4. To respect the property and equipment of the School and others.
  5. To carry out reasonable instructions of the teachers to the best of their ability.
  6. To conduct themselves in a courteous and appropriate manner in School and in public.
  7. To keep the school free from litter.
  8. To observe the uniform code of the School
  9. To read all School circulars and bring them to their parent’s attention.


  1. Ensure your child attends school regularly
  2. Encourage your child to read regularly and extensively.
  3. Encourage your ward to discuss his /her schoolwork and progress
  4. Ensure your child has enough sleep (9 to10 hours) and a good breakfast
  5. Make doctor and dental appointments, whenever possible, in the holiday period or after school
  6. Assist your son/daughter in formulating a realistic and achievable study and homework timetable, ensuring there is a good balance of time for physical activity, hobbies, television, computer games, paid employment, domestic duties and social activities
  7. Provide a suitable homework and study space at home that is quiet, well lit, well ventilated and has adequate shelving and a desk.
  8. Assist your ward in setting short term and long term study goals and consider providing rewards for achieving these
  9. If no homework is set, encourage your child to undertake revision work, prepare notes for examinations or read
  10. Set and enforce rules discouraging music, computer games, online chatting and the use of mobile phones and television during study and homework time .
  11. Keep track of your ward’s timetable, the School calendar, homework, subjects and co-curricular requirements, through regular monitoring of your ward's School diary
  12. Discuss current issues and look at alternative viewpoints to improve reasoning; for the intellectual joy of it, encourage your child to argue counter ideas to fine-tune logic and the ability to sustain an argument intellectually rather than emotionally
  13. If possible, read the English texts your son/daughter is studying and discuss the themes
  14. Instill values of tolerance, compassion, sharing and equality of social class, and gender
  15. Become involved with School programs.