School welfare and discipline procedures are exercised at two levels: ​

1. Prevention:
Strategies encouraging the development of personal responsibility and self-discipline are an integral part of our School Welfare Policy.

  2. Conflict Management: ​
Disruptive behavior is responded to quickly, effectively and positively. Green Valley has clear procedures to resolve conflicts constructively as they arise:

  •   a) The class teacher attempts, to resolve the problem with the student concerned. If the student remains uncooperative, he/she may be sent to the appropriate coordinator.
  •   b) The coordinator is called upon to attempt to resolve the issue. This may involve a formal “incident report”, time-out, conduct card, detention or further interview with the teacher concerned and student.
  •   c) An interview with parents and coordinator to negotiate a solution. The Student Welfare Coordinator may be involved at this point.
  •   d) If the problem has not been satisfactorily resolved, the Vice Principal or the Principal maybe called in to continue negotiations.
  •   e) If the problem persists, and parents, students and School are unsuccessful in finding a solution, the student may be officially suspended, according to Education Department Regulations.
  •   f) The School believes that suspension is a serious disciplinary measure, and as such a suspension may be called off at any time during the suspension of that student, or at other appropriate times.
  •   g) In emergency situations, when immediate intervention is required, the above steps may be by- passed on authority from the Principal, and where necessary the Principal may permanently exclude a student from the School where:
  • The student knowingly perpetrates significant violence; or
  • The student is knowingly involved in extreme behavior which threatens the safety and well- being of members of the School community or the good order of the School’s program or facility.