1. To be treated with common courtesy by the students.
  2. That students come to class properly prepared and willing listen to, and carry out reasonable directions from the teacher.
  3. To be provided with an appropriate working environment.
  4. The co-operation and support of colleagues and the School administration.
  5. The co-operation and support of parents.
  6. To be provided with the opportunity for involvement in the School-based decision-making processes.


  1. To show care and concern for each individual student.
  2. To treat all students with consistency and fairness.
  3. To be prepared for class.
  4. To be punctual to class and in other duties.
  5. To provide careful supervision of students.
  6. To regularly inform students of their progress and to return set work promptly.
  7. To communicate with parents when appropriate.
  8. To support and co-operate with one another.
  9. To support the current School policies and procedures..