Communication Essentials From An Early Age.

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November 20, 2019
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March 18, 2021
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Communication Essentials From An Early Age.

Should you be concerned about developing communication skills of your toddler? Most kids do not have issues in understanding others and expressing themselves. However, at Garden Kids, we believe, earlier a child is started with communication proficiency exercises, the better he or she will be at communication in the future. We equip them with such skills by providing individual attention and helping them study at their own pace. The more they learn to grasp concepts and express ideas, easier the school will be.

Our faculty begins with giving children more and more information about what interests them - it could be other living beings, objects, visuals, sounds, etc. but without burdening them with knowledge. This exercise improves their understanding of the world around them.

We have observed that the more you talk to them, the more they develop an urge to respond. Initiating conversations is one of the best ways to encourage children to start communicating their thoughts and concerns. And this has to be done in a way that ensures joint attention). Children love to get noticed; it is a universal human trait, and at this age, elders and teachers can use it to benefit them their benefit. Group activities, outdoor games, and exercises, presentation sessions etc. expand their skill repertoire and make them more confident in everyday interactions.

We take special care in ensuring the patterns and nature of their vocalization, speech and facial expressions are taken note of. By recognizing what each child is capable of, we give them relevant tasks accordingly. Gradually, this will improve their cognitive powers.

Reading is a participatory process at Garden Kids as we do not encourage spoon feeding. By giving children higher levels of English language stimulation through vocabulary exercises and introducing them to new words regularly, we make sure they have better language skills by the time they are ready for school.

Through our communication development activities, your child will achieve two things - strength in basic spoken and written English and excellent communication power.

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