Cultural & Social Activities

Cultural & Social Activities

To maintain student involvement in their latter years at the school and to fill a learning gap for many, all senior students are involved in a compulsory Cultural Involvement Program. This program encourages boys and girls to expand their understanding and appreciation of culture in its diverse forms. The main emphasis of the program is on enjoyment and positive shared experiences.

​​Each student undertakes to participate in a group or as an individual, in at least three cultural experiences outside of their scheduled school program. Each class teacher records these activities and receives a feedback sheet from each student as they complete an obligation. Students are assisted in their selection of these activities by the Cultural Involvement Coordinator. A small budget has been established under the Cultural Involvement Coordinator to ensure that no student is disadvantaged through insufficient financial support.

The three cultural experiences are selected from the following range of activities:

  • Attendance at cultural experiences in dance, drama, music, theatre, film festivals, cultural festivals and approved concerts.
  • A substantial visit to an Art Gallery, Museum or a Cultural Gallery. Attendance at one-off the recommended cultural experiences.

Each student is required to keep a log of all activities and submit a feedback sheet on each activity. All activities are recorded on formal written reports and will form part of a student’s resume.​

The Cultural Involvement Coordinator provides:

  • Guidelines for the program.
  • Reporting procedures for the program.
  • Assists individual students who may find difficulty in organizing cultural involvement.