House System & Social Impact

House System

For the purpose of sports and cultural competitions, the School student community is divided into four Houses, named after the main mountain ranges in India Aravalli (Green) Vindya (Red) Satpura(Yellow) and Nilgiris (Blue) each under the supervision of a House coordinator, an Assistant House Coordinator a House Captain and a Vice-Captain.

Social Impact

Through the various elements of our Social Impact Program; Green Valley aims to help pupils think about how people really make a difference to local, national and global issues. We want to draw attention to the characteristics of those individuals and organizations whose vision, energy, compassion, dedication, and generosity are already making a difference. We want our pupils to be able to recognize problems and begin to identify the steps required to develop solutions and to focus on the positive impact education can have on social problems. We are, by most definitions, privileged people. We recognize our responsibilities and hope that through the experience and awareness gained at this school we can encourage our pupils to be leaders in philanthropy and social entrepreneurship, to become the visionaries who will set the future agenda for beneficial social transformation. We have over the past twenty-seven years developed relationships with organizations working across the globe. Our international projects have enabled our children to visit the U.K. and get involved in joint projects and we hope to extend the program in the future.