Regular testing and continuous assessment are integral parts of every subject taught

Promotion from one level to the next depends in all cases upon the attainment of a satisfactory standard.



There are three types of reports issued by the School: An Interim Report will be given to students early Term 2 and late Term 3. The first Semester report will be issued at the end of Term 2 and a final report at the end of Term 3.

Special reports are issued when parents and teachers indicate concern about the performance of a student.


Students are expected to do a minimum of 1 to 1½ hours of homework per night for six nights of the week. A Study Planner in the School Diary is intended to spread the workload throughout the week.

​Developing regular study habits is an important part of the educational philosophy of the School. The amount of homework is systematically increased as a student progresses from one level to the next. ​

Parents are requested to provide suitable study conditions. Students are required to use their School Diary to record all homework, work requirement and assessment task submission dates. The results of students are often affected by the failure to submit assessment tasks by the due date.