Alumni Views

Our Alumni Views

  • Raghuram (2017 Head Boy)
    I love my school because it has cool teachers who make lessons and learning fun and a variety of extracurricular activities, School tours are exciting and we are also taught ethical and moral values.
    Raghuram (2017 Head Boy)
  • Mohammed (2017)
    Green Valley not only provides the best possible educational background, but it also teaches as to develop our skills in art, dance, public speaking and above all, it instills discipline.
    Mohammed (2017)
  • Anupama (2017)
    The most valuable experiences I gained at my school, weren’t only from academics, but also by realizing my potential, self worth and social obligations. Overall my schooling at Green Valley was a life changing experience.
    Anupama (2017)
  • Cyndrella (2017)
    Peaceful learning environment, good methods of teaching and a caring and loving faculty.
    Cyndrella (2017)
  • Jeba Shalini (2016)
    There is a belief that schools generally prepare students for Big Universities. But Green Valley is different. It prepared us for life. My time at Green Valley was a life defining stage, where I learnt to discover my strengths and abilities.
    Jeba Shalini (2016)