Green Valley Management

Arise, Shine

A very warm welcome to Green Valley Matriculation Higher Secondary School. The choice of school for your child is a very important one. GV school serves your children with pride. The school is a harmonious community to which all pupils feel strong sense of belonging. We aim to give every pupil, whatever their background or circumstances, the support they need to enjoy and achieve through learning, make a positive contribution to society and achieve economic well being.

Dr. Daisy Dharmaraj, M.D,(CMC Vellore) Founder Patron

Daisy Dharmaraj

Bringing To Light The Ideal Of Each Individual...

Green Valley group of schools and colleges, where resources and opportunities abound is backed up with professional, committed, sensitive and caring individuals who ensure that a child gets the best of everything from the institution. I believe that all children must be facilitated to explore themselves, the available subjects, opportunities, society and the world at large to mold themselves and this is a sure possibility in Green Valley. Not only am I proud of the academic records of every student who passes out of Green Valley but I am overjoyed to see the students grow up to be individuals they want to be, fulfilling their dream of building their strengths and stepping into the world as responsible and uniquely intelligent citizens who will make a difference wherever they are placed. Green Valley works on constantly updating teaching practices with ideas brought in from the best of institutions around the world. Staff and Students are sent abroad to partner institutions to gain real, hands-on learning which is then adapted in our institutions. Not only does this focus on academics but also on project work based on global dimensional issues with students and staff in other countries.

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Parents, I am happy that you trust us to journey with your child through her/his schooling. I am pleased to welcome you to the Green Valley Family! Our academic programs are separate and linked with state of the art features at each level. As far as co-curricular programs are concerned, the open space offers students the opportunity to select special options in their key interest areas.

Students, I look forward to meeting and working with you. I assure you that your time in Green Valley will have a profound impact on how you create your future and this will be nothing less than the best!

Dr.Angeline Dharmaraj,Ph.D (U.K) Director

School Philosophy

Green Valley is committed to providing a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment in which students can reach their full educational potential in a positive school culture that engages and supports them in their learning. Student well-being and student learning outcomes are inextricably linked, and Green Valley aims to promote an understanding of this link in both the School environment and in the classroom. It is recognized that all teachers are vital sources of support and are determinants in the success of their students.

The School Motto - “ARISE, SHINE”

The School motto was derived spontaneously from an eloquent address given by a VBS Guest Speaker at CMS Thadikkarankonam In the course of his speech, he quoted the words of Isaiah “Arise, Shine” and these inspiring words were at once recognized by the Founders of Green Valley as most appropriate for the School Motto.

The School Emblem

The School Emblem is supplementary to the name and identity of Green Valley School and serves as a brand besides projecting the motto in a visual form.