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Green Valley Centre for Pre-School Education (GVCPSE)

Green Valley Educational Trust (GVET) was established in 1993 and is located in Mogappair West Chennai. Green Valley Centre for Preschool Education (GVCPSE) is one of the Institutions of GVET and is affiliated with National Centre for Technical Education New Delhi (NCTE). It was setup to make a unique effect in the Indian Preschool Education sector.

GVCPSE offers various Diploma courses. One of the courses is Diploma in Montessori and Child education, an accredited course by the National Centre for Technical Education, New Delhi, HRD Ministry.Gov of India.

Our Mission

  • The mission of GVCPSE is to empower young women as educators and entrepreneurs in the pre primary education sector with attributes which will lend educators unique skill and expertise to build a creative learning environment.

Scope and Purpose

  • The fact is that Teachers help others to acquire knowledge, competencies and values. They go above and beyond the call of duty to educate and inspire students. They help us to think of ourselves. Teachers influence the life of a child more than anyone. A great teacher develops relationship with students.  Teachers don’t go into teaching to get rich, but to enrich the lives of others. They have the love for children. For generations teaching has been considered as one of the noblest professions. GVCPSE being an educational institution is connived that if education is going to bring about change in our society and in individuals, we must work on preparing quality teachers and help them learn how to train the children. With this purpose in mind we launched the Diploma in Montessori and Child Education.
  • The scope of GVCPSE is that we have highly motivated faculty in our core team. They are mandated to operationalise the teachers Diploma training program. With their professional back ground, expertise and many years of experience, the faculty has abundant scope to prepare high quality teachers. They spend indeed a lot of time, giving practical lessons with materials that would give hands on experience to trainees. Our endevour is to instill in every teacher the Montessori guiding spirit.
  • Pre school teaching is a highly specialized field. Hence our faculty ensures that trainees are practically trained to design various child oriented activities through story telling sessions, interesting games and play etc. While teaching young kids, the preschool teachers are expected to be linguistically competent as well. Hence the teachers are trained in communication and language skills and related competencies required to teach young learners.
  • Knowing that today’s teachers need to adopt a flexible approach to students, we train them in varied learning styles and introduce them to the use of technologies in classrooms. With various strategies GVCPSE train teachers to become global educators.