ECO-FRIENDLY PROGRAMMES – Green Valley Central School


Green Valley School maintains an eco-friendly environment and develops a sense of consciousness among students  and teachers at the commencement of school year.


From gardening skills to taking care of birds and animals and a sense of environmental responsibilities in pupil is developed in Green valley through various eco-friendly programmes.

  1. Green Valley conducts “Fridays for Future Walk” on the last Friday of every month.
  2. The school makes students to pledge that they will not burn plastic.
  3. Green Valley buildings are the biggest energy users and hence             Sustainable habits like getting children to switch off all fans, appliances and         lights when not in use is promoted.

        Students are given clarity on renewable energy and the power of technology that           goes a long in making things.

    4. A green patch of land is dedicated on the school premises. Students are taught            about planting and caring for it. It’s a learning practice and it helps them to be in           tune with eco-friendly activities.

  1. Homework is given on sustainability.
  2. The School is setting ‘eco-friendly’ themes every fort night to different classes to be presented in the school assembly.
  1. Environmental club meetings are conducted every month on the last working day.                                                                 a) Conducting mock awareness rallies within the school premises. Once in a quater, led by one of the class students.               b) A group of 8 to 10 kids are chosen to research a topic related to the environment. They are tasked to  sensitize the rest on the environmental Day.
  1. Get Plants for the classroom.

         Placing a plant in each classroom has numerous benefits. A plant can help reduce dust and carbon dioxide levels while preventing the growth of pollutants. Students are encouraged to bring plants and maintain the same throughout the year.