Music, Dance & Arts

Music, Dance & Arts


Reading a piece of music takes a great deal of focus, causing a child to interpret a note and a rhythm, translate it into hand movements on the keyboard and then immediately go on to the next one. Reading and playing music allows them to think both critically and creatively, which is a skill that will assist them in anything they choose to undertake in the future.


  • Playing drums can relieve frustration, disappointment and stress. Playing for just a few minutes can boost your mood.
  • Boosts brain power and increases academic performance
  • Develops confidence
  • While drumming children strengthen their ability to focus and work on impulse control and decision making skills.
  • Drumming helps you connect to your core, enhance your sense of empowerment and stimulates your creative expression.


  • Dance is not just to build physical fitness but to build mind, body, and soul.
  • Dance, art and music are an ancient art forms that help to express emotions and build your mental and physical being.
  • Dance is an expression of who you are and what you are to the world.
  • Dance will effectively promote overall health.
  • Creativity is the backbone of dance.
  • Group dances will improve group coordination and good communication between the dancers.
  • Dance also improves psychological well being.


  • Art promotes creativity
  • Art encourages neural connections
  • Art builds fine motor skills
  • Scribbling is a precursor to writing
  • Art develops problem-solving abilities
  • Art helps kids understand themselves and their world
  • Art helps kids connect